Answer the following questions to spank your inner Monkee.

You see a silver dollar on the road, you:
Pick it up, money is everything
Check to see if it's heads or tails, then pick it up
Donate it to charity
Take it and buy a sandwich
Silver Dollar? What silver dollar?

You are from:
I'm not claiming the Unites states, mate.
The Southern US, partner
I don't even know anymore
Born and raised in sun city
I'm an East Coaster!

You play:
Many instruments, I'm multi-talented.
Not much of anything, but I can beat me tamborine!
Well, I think I'm a drummer...?
Something in the woodwind section.
My nose

Your favorite accessory is:
The stars in your eyes
A kicky little hat
Your mom's tablecloth
A azure blue toilet seat
A sexy little number from Fredrick's

Your favorite pastime is:
painting, artwork or other or crafts
riding horses or playing with animals
controlling the world (someone's gotta do it)
Reading and intellectual activities
Downloading Porn

What is your favorite color?

What do you like to eat?
Veggies only please.
Pizza and junk food rocks!
I prefer a "liquid diet" if you know what I mean.
Only the finest caviar and wine will do.
Hot, spicy Mexican food!

Your visions for the future include:
Sporty Spice, woo baby!
World Peace
Whirrled Peas
I wish the world would us Dial
Future? Live for the present baby!

Your ideal mate would be?
Peter Tork

Where do you find your inspiration?
The world around me is my canvas.
Women are my greatest inspiration
Myself, I'm the greatest
Cash turns me on. Profits are my muse.
Science, it's groovy in a far out way!

What is your biggest fear?
The Cookie Monster.
A green wool hat.
My huge hair.
My huge ego.
My huge....nevermind.

You always wanted to work:
with children
with animals
in a lab
at home
Who needs work? I want the government to support me!

What do you wear to the beach?
Swim trunks
A speedo
Water? I hate water!
Jeans and a sweater
itsy bitsy teeny weenie little polka dot bikini

Your fave author:
The Dahlia Lama
Barry Williams
Frederich Nietzche
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Dr. Suess

What is your best feature?
Your eyes
Your butt . . . wait, you don't have one!
Your facial hair
Your wood
Your hair (or lack thereof)

A kitten is drowning in a river, you:
Jump in the river to save the kitten without thinking.
Call someone else, you don'tt want to break a nail.
Ignore the'll just be reincarinated anyway.
Fish the kitten out with a stick you see nearby
Don't even notice the kitte because you're too busy daydreaming.

You and your bandmates are on the road. A pretty groupie comes up to you. You:
Take her back to your room. Every man for himself.
Please, like I'd ever really be on the road with them.
That's for me to know and you to find out.
Gladly offer her to someone else. Who knows where she's been.
Is she over 18?

What's your favorite TV Program?
The West Wing
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch
Sex in the City
The Simpsons

People who don't know you think you're:

You're likely to say:
"Age only matters if your a cheese."
"Don't object so much you'll live longer"
"But why should I speak, since I know nothing."
"Wait I want to forget you just as you are"
"The cow says...moooo"

What artist influenced you most?
Frankie Avalon
BB King
The Osmonds
Lionel Bart
Jimmy Hendrix

You make being a ______ look easy:
sex kitten

What is your favorite kind of cheese?
Squeezy Cheese
Cheese gives me gas.

Paul McCartney is having a party and you're invited you:
Constantly remind him that you've met before.
Mingle with the crowd.
Ask for his autograph.
Refuse the invitation, you have better things to do.
Spike the punch with Ecstasy. Now that's a party!

A cop pulls you over. What is it most likely for:
Drunk driving
Missing tail light
An autograph
Because I'm pretty

What is your dream job:
President of the US
Jockeying in the the Kentucky Derby
Being God
Visiting other planets
Being a carpenter.

Brought you to by Vixen337, Torky and the Monkeeschat crew.