End Hunger Network

An organization that help America's hungery children. Jeff is on the board of directors.

Jeff designed T-shirts and a blockbuster gift card recently to help support this organzation. The T-shirts can be purchased at

The Starbright Foundation

An organization that helps seriously ill children.

Jeff joined other celebrities and wrote on chapter in their book, The Emperor's New Clothes.

Buy it! Wildlife Waystation

An organization that helps displaced wildlife.

Jeff and Peter Harris wrote a song to go on the waystation's celebrity compliation CD. This cd will be available in August of 2000. It is titled Hollywood Goes Wild

Jeff has used his celebrity status to advance other social goods. For instance, he has narrated several science documentaries for PBS concerning the environment. He is also dedicated to recycling. Jeff has been associated with Earth Co. (an environmental organzation), and the ECO (the Earth Communications Office). This organization explores "Politics and the Environment" and commits to find ways to protect the environment and, at the same time, provide jobs and a strong economy.

I'm sure there are others that I have neglected to list. He seems to have a new charity everyday. If you know of one I left off, please email me with the information.