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Edrive Chat with Jeff Goldblum

(From a poorly organized online chat where the fans got to ask Jeff questions)
"No bologna, I enjoyed The Holy Man as much as anything that I've ever done.

Jeff Goldblum is Hot Enough to Eat

(This has to be my favorite interview. It was sent to me by a friend a while back. Not very informative but it's funny)
"Well, you know, I'm very easily stirred," he drawled, causing the make-up artist to retreat from the room to blow into a paper bag. "And she's a remarkable woman. So I was struck with that from the beginning."

Talking With Jeff Goldblum

"Steven told me to pretend I was a 'raptor and chase her [Vanessa Lee Chester, aka "Kelly Malcom" in "The Lost World"] around the room so I did, and Vanessa reacted with the same enthusiasm that she does in the finished film."

Universal Studio Online Chat

"I love both doggies and kitties. I could just scrunch up their cute little faces!"

The Odd World of Jeff Goldblum

"I, uh, don't think I'm, y'know, so different than your average, y'know, average."

Call Him Capt. Chaos

"I grew up watching sci-fi and monster movies like I Was A Teenage Werewolf"

A Matter Of Life And Death

"Then we were in the bedroom," Goldblum recalls with a coy grin, "and found ourselves in the bed. I had stashed the ring in the side table and gave it to her. She said: `What's that?' And I said: `Will you marry me?' She was very sweet."

Jeff Slays 'em

"The success of these three movies has certainly made my life less stressful and I'm having great fun slaying aliens and dinosaurs."

Science Rules Goldblum

"I've been lucky. And thank goodness the (sci-fi films) I've done have been good movies. I feel like some kind of lucky star has, for now, shone on me."

Call him Mr Sci-Fi

"I mean forget about Jurassic Park, I remember the real event movie when I was a kid was King Kong Vs. Godzilla. There was a theatre outside of Pittsburgh where I grew up, a real jewel box inside, three balconies."

On Acting

"somewhere inside, exactly, wherever that little boy still lives. It really is a form of immortality."

On Watching himself

"So, I'm watching and thinking, "Good, Jeff. That's nice, Jeff. Yes, Jeff, go for it. Oh, YES, Jeff."

On The Lost World

"We did have to turn off our laptops and cell phones around the robots because they might have made them do things."

On Independance Day

"Well Well Well its certainly a compelling provocative exciting delicious to think about idea, smart people say the universe is so big there must be something statistically it could be likely there could be something happening on some other world"