Mailing List


Join the JGFC! This mailing list is a fun way to meet other Goldblum fans! It is an interactive mailing list. This means that you use one address to post to all people. It sometimes gets a little off topic. The list is full of friends, not just Jeff Goldblum fans. If you don't like that, don't sign up!

Please note, I don't run this list, I'm just subscribed to it.


There are two ways to subscribe to the list [note: Do not subscribe to both, it is the same mail, just two different ways of receiving it].

Reflected version

    The posts are sent out to subscribers of this list as they are made to the list. That means if I were to post about Jeff being on televison, you would get the post as soon as you checked your mail. It also means about 15-20 e-mails a day.

    To subscribe to this list send an e-mail to

Digested Version
    The posts are sent out to subscribers to this list in batches. You get one "Digest" a day (sometimes two) with all the mail contained inside. This is best for people who have school or buisness account, or people who pay by the e-mail.

    Subscribe the same way as above, when you get the confirmation email, log into your egroups account, find "subscription options" and follow the instructions for changing to the digest version.