These are projects that Jeff has done or been featured in that don't fit in any other category.

TitleDescriptionDatesOther Information
Hollywood Goes Wild
Jeff and Peter Harris wrote a song together for this album that benefits the Wildlife Waystation (a charitable organization in California). Jeff sings and plays to "Born Freeky".
Released in 2001, Available Now
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Men, Makeup, and Monsters
A book about special makeup effects in movies. It has an entire section on the fly including pictures and descriptions of Jeff in the makeup process.
Released in 1996, Available Now
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Jeff's T-shirt Design for The End Hunger Network
A T-shirt designed by Jeff to benefit the End Hunger Network. All proceeds for the shirt (highest price for a shirt is $18.50, lowest is $12.50) go to the charity.
Available Now
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The Emperor's New Clothes
A book and CD for the charitable organization, Starbright. Celebrities re-wrote chapters of the children's fairy tale and read their chapters for the CD.
Released October 22, 1998, available now
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Sega Lost World
When you complete this game, Jeff Goldblum comes on the screen to tell you that "You've spent way to much playing this game, go out and do something with your life."
released in 1997
A game designed after the RL Stine's "Goosebumps" series. Jeff Goldblum is one of the starring characters. Screen Shot
Released in 1995
Lincoln Adler's Short Stories
Lincoln Adler's, a jazz muscian's, latest album. Jeff plays piano on the second track.
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The Real Jurassic Park
Special Video about the "science" behind the plot of Jurassic Park. Hosted By Jeff Goldblum.
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The Making of Independance Day
A behind the scenes tour of Independance Day hosted by Jeff Goldblum.
Jewish Short Stories
Jeff reads two stories, Woody Allen's "The Whore of Mensa" and "The King" by Isaac Babel.
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Little Surprises
Jeff directed this oscar nominated short film.