November 15, 1998 Parade Insert

There is a tiny blurb about Jeff teaching at Playhouse West in this week's parade magazine insert. Parade is a tiny little supplement magazine that is given away with Sunday papers.

The blurb reads:
Q: I heard jeff Goldblum teaches acting. Can you tell me about his acting background and where he teaches?
A:Goldblum, 46, perhaps best know for his two Jurassic Park films (with a third likely in the future), studied in New York at the Neighborhood Playhouse under the famed Sanford Meisner. After moving to L.A. two decades ago, Goldblum and other Meisner alumni founded a workshop where they continued to hone their acting skills. Called Playhouse West, it's now a formal acting school in North Hollywood. Schedule permitting, Goldblum teached as many as three sessions a week of improv excercises and scene-study classes (The probably shouldn't study scenes from his latest flick, the Eddie Murphy dud Holy Man