Congratulations? You're Peter Tork!

You're portrayed as the dummy (even dumber than Mr. Schneider!). You're always letting your dim-wits get you into trouble. However, in real life you are far from dumb. You're philosophical, musical and intelligent. You have been though some tough times with drugs and alcohol but now you speak about your experience in hopes that others won't make the same mistakes. Gee, you've got a lot on your plate.

You really do play your own instruments and MANY of them. You were one of the more musically talented Monkees. Now you tour with your own Blues Band and sometimes with your friend James Lee. Just keep away from electronics (you're not technically inclined).

So tell the world (or your livejournal buddies) that you've been Monkee-ized! Simply copy the code below:

That's cool, but show me who else I could have been.